Hair Extensions Course

Hair Extensions Course


Online Hair Extension Education

Become a Certified Hair Extension Specialist in 2 Days.

Elevate your career with Australia’s Award-Winning Hair Extension Education course. Specialise in providing premium hair services to your clientele and take your salon business to new heights.

With continuously updated content, you’ll always stay at the forefront of the hair extension industry. Master the techniques of hair extensions, including the installation method, weft techniques, and advanced styling and customisation. While gaining valuable insights into business strategies, marketing, and client relations.

Join our program to unlock your full potential as a Hair Extension Specialist. Apply Now and become a YL Certified Hair Extension Expert with Yovanka Loria Education.

Entry Requirements Apply.

Professional Hair Extensions Course

Our aim is to build long lasting relationships with our stockists and maintain the highest quality of hair distribution we possibly can. We have made a commitment to consistently supply quality products and exceptional customer service. We have seen these attributes compromised when brands are available to the masses and this is why we are selective with our stockist criteria.

Our mission is to empower business owners and educate stylists to create opportunities to cultivate a thriving business. We teach the importance of value creation and support stylists by helping them recognise the impact of specialising in a niche service.

At Yovanka Loria, we strive to achieve success in our mission to educate stylists and get their careers to new heights with our online hair extension course. We are offering our selected stockists the most basic and necessary hair extensions course to make sure they are completely aware of our premium-quality products.

Exclusive Access to YL Quality Hair

Yovanka Loria Extensions offers authentic, raw Asian hair. By ensuring our hair is never mislabelled, limiting chemicals involved during processing, we can guarantee natural looking extensions so your clients can experience natural, finer and fluffy texture that raw hair has to offer and longer lasting results. Raw hair is the only type of extensions that will continue to look and feel amazing in a years’ time, which is precisely why we only offer this product.

YL hair is sustainably and ethically sourced across Western China and traded for fair compensations by expert hair collectors. Offering 26 signature custom colours of Hand Tied Hair. Our line will be exclusive to prevent overextending ourselves and compromising quality control.

Providing access to high quality hair and only available to our certified stylists, providing the best products and accessories available on our online store.

Yovanka Loria provides the top and premium hair extensions course to stylists and stockists across the country. All the stylists who strive to achieve success in the near future will get an exclusive course containing every small detail that a professional stylist should measure for perfection.

The YL Difference

We have exclusive rights to the supply chain from start to finish, so no other company can offer a hand-tied product of this nature. This allows stylists to achieve perfectly blended tones and colour customisation.

With most extensions, drying time is an excruciating and labour-intensive process and can be a deal breaker. Due to the high quality of our raw hair, the drying time is split in half, which is one of the many factors that make YL hair so unique.

We now get to offer our clients and stylists the most time-efficient and longer lasting results. A real game changer in the extension world.

Course Outline – Hair Extension Course

Our two-day Yovanka Loria Education Course provides an intensive, hands-on experience that will allow you to offer a service that is life changing for you as a stylist, your business and your clients. The program is designed to educate you and your salon on our world-class application process and empower you to scale your business and bring this one-of-a-kind service to life.

    What Will I Learn?

The Consultation Process

Component Info & Overview

Understanding the crucial role of consultations in the context of hair extensions, this component focuses on developing effective communication and assessment skills to ensure client satisfaction and optimal results.


1. Introduction to Consultations

2. Assessment Techniques

3. Customisation and Personalisation

4. Risk Assessment and Client Education

5. Building Rapport

6. Documentation and Record-Keeping


By the end of this module, stylists will have gained a comprehensive understanding of the consultation process, enabling them to conduct thorough assessments, communicate effectively with clients, and tailor hair extension services to meet individual needs.

Weft Placement

Component Info & Overview

Dive into the art and science of weft placement for hair extensions. This component equips stylists with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve seamless and natural-looking results through strategic weft positioning.


1. Scalp Analysis and Sectioning Techniques

2. Choosing the Right Placement Method

3. Creating a Natural Flow

4. Ensuring Comfort and Longevity

5. Customisation for Different Hair Types

6. Troubleshooting and Corrective Techniques

7. Hands-On Application


Upon completion of this component, stylists will have mastered the art of weft placement, enabling them to create natural-looking, comfortable, and durable hair extension installations tailored to individual client needs.

Beading & Stitching

Component Info & Overview

Experience an in-depth exploration of the exclusive Yovanka Loria beading and stitching techniques as an integral ingredient of the Yovanka Loria Education Course. This component aims to equip stylists with the skills necessary for precision and creativity in the application of these techniques, ensuring optimal results in hair extension installations.


1. Introduction to Beading and Stitching Techniques

2. Types of Beads and Threads

3. Scalp Analysis for Beading and Stitching

4. Ensuring Comfort and Longevity

5. Customisation for Different Hair Types

6. Troubleshooting and Advanced Techniques

7. Hands-On Practical Application


Upon completion of this component, stylists will possess a comprehensive skill set of beading and stitching, empowering them to execute secure, creative, and comfortable hair extension installations.

Extension Selection

Component Info & Overview

Immerse yourself in the comprehensive process of extension selection, a pivotal aspect of Yovanka Loria’s Hair Extensions Course. This component is dedicated to providing stylists with the expertise required to make customised and informed decisions in choosing colours, colour combinations, grams, rows, and lengths, ensuring a seamlessly integrated final result.


1. Fundamentals of Extension Selection

2. Colour Theory and Educated Combinations

3. Grams and Density Considerations

4. Strategic Row Placement

5. Length Customisation

6. Adapting to Varied Hair Types

7. Client Consultation for Informed Selection

8. Troubleshooting and Adjustments

9. Hands-On Application and Case Studies


Upon completion of this component, stylists will possess a comprehensive understanding of extension selection, enabling them to make informed and personalised choices in colours, combinations, grams, rows, and lengths.

Custom Colouring

Component Info & Overview

Explore the impactful effects of custom colouring — an essential skill elevating extensions from good to great within Yovanka Loria’s Education Course. This component examines the art of custom colouring in significant detail, following the live creation of a natural blend that elevates the extension application beyond expectations.


1. Fundamentals of Custom Toning

2. Root Fade Techniques

4. Application of Foils Around Wefts

5. Selection of Toning and Colouring Products

6. Strategic Toning Process

8. Micro-Tied Extensions: Special Considerations

9. Client Comfort and Sensitivity


Upon completion of this component, stylists will possess an advanced understanding of custom colouring techniques, enabling them to elevate the visual impact of extensions through expertly applied custom colouring for a natural and seamlessly integrated result.


Component Info & Overview

Perfect the art of seamless blending in Yovanka Loria Education Course, where the focus lies on three critical aspects –  Blending Extensions during the styling process, Layering Extensions with natural hair, and achieving impeccable blending during the installation process.


1. Blending during Styling

2. Layering Extensions with Natural Hair

3. Blending during Installation

4. Emphasising Natural Look

5. Client Consultation for Blending

6. Choosing the Right Extensions for Blending

7. Hands-On Practical Sessions

8. Troubleshooting and Adjustments


Upon completion of this comprehensive component, stylists will possess a refined skill set in blending extensions seamlessly, creating a custom result for every client.

Aftercare & Maintenance

Component Info & Overview

Ensure the longevity and quality of the Yovanka Loria Extensions with comprehensive aftercare practices. This module focuses on meticulous care practices, covering brushing techniques, night-time hairstyles, silk pillowcases, and summer-specific maintenance tips.


1. Brushing Techniques for Smoothness

2. Night-Time Hairstyles

3. Silk Pillowcases for Enhanced Protection

4. Safeguarding Extensions During Summer

5. Protection Against Lotions and Sunscreen

6. UV Protection and Heat Styling

7. Optimal Tools for Maintenance

8. Moderate Washing and Sulphate-Free Shampoo


By the end of this component, stylists will be well-equipped to guide clients in a comprehensive aftercare routine, ensuring the sustained health, shine, and longevity of Yovanka Loria Hair Extensions.

Extension Re-lift & Removals

Component Info & Overview

Learn the ins and outs of extension re-lifts and removals focusing on the delicate processes of refreshing and safely removing extensions. This module ensures stylists are adept in maintaining extension integrity and prioritising client comfort in the process.


1. The Importance of Re-lifting Extensions

2. Guidelines for Re-lifting Procedures

3. Safely Removing Extensions

4. Client Consultation for Re-lifts and Removals

5. Maintaining Natural Hair Health

6. Post-Procedure Aftercare

7. Troubleshooting and Preventing Issues

8. Hands-On Practical Application


Upon completion of this component, stylists will possess a thorough understanding of extension re-lifts and removals, ensuring the seamless maintenance of extensions and prioritising the health and comfort of clients throughout the process.

Pricing Strategies

Component Info & Overview

Explore fair and value-driven pricing strategies, a key component in establishing a successful hair extension business. This module encompasses recommended product pricing, profit margins, educating stylists on high-end pricing, instilling value perception in clients, and breaking down pricing components.


1. Recommended Product Pricing

2. Profit Margins and Business Sustainability

3. Education on High-End Pricing

4. Client Education for Value Perception

5. Components of Pricing

6. Transparent Communication on Pricing

7. Customisation and Specialised Services

8. Building Client Understanding and Appreciation


By the end of this component, stylists will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to implement effective pricing strategies that not only sustain the business but also communicate the premium nature of your services fostering client trust and loyalty.


Component Info & Overview

Developing the right mindset is crucial for your success while implementing hair extension services in your salon. This module delves into vital elements including persistence, continuous learning, empowerment, time management, consistency, resilience against external opinions, and cultivating a positive mindset to achieve success.


1. Persistence in Excellence

2. Commitment to Lifelong Learning

3. Empowerment Through Expertise

4. Effective Time Management

5. Consistent Presence and Dedication

6. Resilience Against External Opinions

7. Embracing Positivity

8. Mindfulness and Well-being

9. Goal Setting and Achievement

10. Building a Supportive Community


By the end of this component, stylists will not only possess advanced technical skills but also cultivate a resilient, empowered mindset that guides them through career challenges and milestones, fosters a positive salon culture, and establishes a lasting legacy in the beauty industry.

Strategic Marketing

Component Info & Overview

Join us on a comprehensive journey into the world of strategic marketing. This component of the education course covers a wide array of aspects, including platforms, sales techniques, content creation, tone of voice, language, brand voice, visuals, and so much more – ensuring a holistic approach to promoting and establishing your brand.


1. Platform Selection and Optimisation

2. Sales Techniques and Conversion Strategies

3. Content Creation for Engagement

4. Tone of Voice and Language

5. Brand Voice and Visual Identity

6. Effective Use of Social Media

7. Customer Testimonials and Case Studies

8. Collaborations and Partnerships

9. Monitoring and Adaptation

10. Community Building and Engagement


By the end of this component, stylists will be well-equipped with a comprehensive understanding of strategic marketing, enabling them to effectively promote their Hair Extension services in the current competitive landscape, connect with the target audience, and build a strong and recognisable brand presence.

Technical Support

You will receive full guidance and ongoing support once you have completed our training. Our team of educators, technical and customer service support are available Monday – Friday by phone or email.

Best Hair Extensions Near Adelaide | Colour, Straightening Extensions

A custom-made YL Training Kit and Training Manual is included in the course which provides you with everything you need to kickstart your hair extension business.


Our certified stockists are added to our Stylist Locator Map on our website and will gain exclusive access to our Stockist Resources Portal & Online Store.

You deserve to have it all!

You deserve to charge what you are worth, set a schedule that you dream of and enjoy the peace, purpose and profits that follow!

You will no longer have to settle for clients who question you or make you feel undervalued. Once we show you how to implement a fully functioning marketing strategy, you will reclaim the power and will attract clients that trust, respect, and value you as a stylist.

Let’s get to work, it’s time to write your own success story.

Recognised as Industry Leaders

Here’s What Our Stockists Have To Say About Us…

  • YL Extensions go beyond just providing a product. They are committed to supporting hair dressers by developing strong partnerships. Their dedicated team offers continuous support, guidance and online resources to ensure they provide the best possible service to your clients. The collaborative approach of YL has been invaluable in elevating my salon services and building a successful business. By partnering with YL Extensions, I can confidently offer custom looks that leave my clients feeling not only beautiful but also educated about proper haircare and maintenance. 
    Justine Eve, Hair & Harlow Fairy Meadow – NSW

  • Seriously can not recommend Yovanka Loria Hair Extensions enough! Both the Education Course I undertook & the hair extensions themselves. Best quality hair on the market! Yovanka and her team are dedicated & helpful far beyond the initial course. Completely approachable if you have any queries or problems to be solved. I love being a Yovanka Loria Hair Extensions specialist & having the ability to give my clients their dream hair! Best decision for my hairdressing career.
    Danielle Hartland, Kaz Hair Brighton – SA

  • Yovanka Loria Education has positively influenced my professional and personal direction in many ways. Not only did I learn another craft to excel my career but I left feeling inspired, empowered, strong, with a fire in my belly. The YL team are so supportive, always helping and guiding me from colour selection, training, products, social media. The quality of the extensions, the method, the results UNREAL! The transformations speak for themselves. It’s amazing to see your clients transform and radiate confidence after achieving the hair of their dreams. I am so passionate, driven and love being on the journey of a Yovanka Loria Extension Specialist.
    Natasha Bennier, Natasha Bennier Hair – SA

  • When I looked at the YL brand, it was about the quality of hair and the quality of education that came with it. YL Education prioritised educating my team on how to install YL Extensions into my clients hair and their dedication to helping us succeed has been second to none. 
    Sam James, SJ Establishment – SA


Apply now to find out our next course dates!


$2,500 including mannequin and tripod stand
$2,200 excluding mannequin and tripod stand

All prices are inclusive of GST
All approved students must hold a Hairdressing Cert III minimum
A mannequin and tripod stand are essential to attend the course
Terms and conditions apply

Do you have more questions before you apply?

Our customer support team are here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What level of current business do I have to be at?

This course is for ALL LEVELS who are open minded to learning. If you are new to the extensions industry our education will place you in a position to succeed without the burnout. If you are a seasoned extensions artist, this course will help you achieve the income, schedule, and goals of your dreams.

Do I need to be a qualified stylist?

YES! The nature of our custom colouring is required a minimum 4th year or qualified stylist to partake in our Hair Extensions Course.

What is the cost of the Hair Extensions Course?

Pricing starts from $2,200, inclusive of gst.

What will I learn?

Our Hair Extensions Course provides both hands-on practical and theory based training on YL weft hair extensions. We provide stylists with the fundamental knowledge of not only the hair extensions itself and the installation method, but we equip stylists with valuable insights and the exact tools to market and offer a niche and specialised service.

What does the Hair Extensions Course include?

Included in the Hair Extensions Course is a take home copy of our Training Manual Workbook, a YL Training Kit which includes all the tools required to being offering our extension services in salon, plus access to our stockists exclusive online store and education & resources portal.

Am I ready for this?

YES! You deserve to make your dream income that gives you freedom and flexibility in your schedule.

Where are you located and where is YL Education held?

Yovanka Loria Salon, Extensions & Headquarters are based in Adelaide, South Australia.

You can find YL Extensions certified stockists throughout Australia.

Our Hair Extension Courses are held here in Adelaide 4-5 times a year.

Where do I apply?

To apply, please click HERE. Once you have submitted your application, keep an eye out on your emails (junk mail too!) for further information and the next stage in becoming an exclusive stockist of Yovanka Loria Extensions.

Read a letter from our founder

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