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About Yovanka Loria

Yovanka Loria Salon provides a private and exclusive boutique experience for salon guests. Yovanka has over 20 years experience working in salons and educating throughout Adelaide, Melbourne, Los Angeles and New York. After having her 2 children, she decided it was time to bring a touch of glamour and high-quality service to her favourite place, Adelaide…

Award-Winning Hair Extensions

Throughout her career, Yovanka has trialled many hair extension methods and struggled to find an application she was truly satisfied with. Around five years ago her search began. Not compromising for mediocre, she wanted to find the absolute best. When she finally discovered the weft extension method, it was love at first sight. Having seen the best and the worst of hair extensions, she knows how difficult it can be to find a dependable extension supplier and a technique that offers less damage to the hair. A businesswoman at the core, she knew there was room for improvement and this was the driving force behind ‘Yovanka Loria Hand-Tied Extensions’, boasting the ultimate premium quality hair.

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