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Throughout her career, Yovanka has trialled many hair extension methods and struggled to find an application she was truly satisfied with. Around five years ago her search began. Not compromising for mediocre, she wanted to find the absolute best. When she finally discovered the weft extension method, it was love at first sight. Having seen the best and the worst of hair extensions, she knows how difficult it can be to find a dependable extension supplier and a technique that offers less damage to the hair. A businesswoman at the core, she knew there was room for improvement and this was the driving force behind ‘Yovanka Loria Extensions’, boasting the ultimate premium quality hair.

With so many hair extensions now on the market, most of which are machine manufactured and synthetic based, it’s important to understand your extensions and the investment you’re making in your hair.

Responsible sourcing of hair has always been important to Yovanka and significant time has gone into researching and sourcing quality hair. To produce the highest quality product, we sustainably and ethically source 100% natural human hair. Expertly sourced by our hair collectors who hand-pick raw, fine young hair from across Western China.

Our sourcing experts carefully examine each bundle, select the best raw hair and move forward with this to our advanced processing method in our factory.

Yovanka Loria Micro-Tied and Hand-Tied Wefts are micro-fine, using the very latest and seamless means of hair wefting. Our factory has combined high quality, with the latest techniques to create a truly unique product within the hair extension industry. Our Micro-Tied and Hand-Tied Extensions come with the cuticle fully intact, virtually double drawn, long-lasting and easy to conceal.


The key factor to having hair that lasts longer is achieved by processing the hair in gentle stages. We use advanced conventional processing methods where the process phases are controlled and do not use strong chemicals or silicone.

The bleaching process is done very slowly and can take around 1-2 weeks. The process takes longer to create each colour, this way ensuring the hair retains its strength, lustre and natural beauty for much longer than hair that’s been stripped by harsher chemical processing. The result is silky, soft and natural hair extensions with less tangling and shedding.

The Hair

To produce the highest quality product, we sustainably and ethically source 100% natural human hair from rural communities across Western China. Expertly sourced by hair collectors who hand-pick young, fine, raw hair. This delivers the highest quality hair along with no use of harsh chemicals, leaving the hair naturally silky, soft and fine in texture. Healthy hair that has less silicone and is synthetic free, provides longevity for the extensions, making them naturally fluffy and fast drying.

Our colours are brass free, with a range of neutral and cool tones. Our pre-rooted and ombre colours allow for consistent colour customisation, assisting us to achieve perfectly blended tones.

Learning the science behind hair extensions and applying the research to our business was a revelation. This continues to be a major part of our philosophy in hair and in business. You will never have to deal with low quality hair again!


The Method

Our Micro-Tied and Hand-Tied Wefts are not “the method”, they are the product of extensions that are sewn together by hand. The benefit of using Micro-Tied and Hand-Tied Weft Extensions is that every weft is individually stitched, making the top portion of the hair extension much thinner.

The Micro-Tied Wefts are created with high precision, ensuring each weft is strong, with less shedding and matting. They are micro-thin, less bulky and almost invisible compared to other hair extensions on the market.

The method involves anchoring silicone cylinder beads in your hair, creating a beaded track close to your scalp then sewing the Hand-Tied or Micro-Tied wefts onto this track. The end result is that the wefts sit closer to the head, creating less tension on the hair and reducing any bulk along the track while giving a more free flowing, natural appearance.

Hand-Tied and Micro Tied Hair Extensions will give you the most natural, lightweight and comfortable hair you have ever had without the damage of traditional extension methods. There are no tape tabs showing nor any mess or damage from glue. The placement of the wefts helps to create the desired fullness, focusing on the colour blend which is completely customised to each individual and making installations virtually undetectable.

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The Experience

In addition to the superior quality of the hair itself, the attention to detail considered during each step of your hair journey is what sets the YL experience apart. This applies to every phase of the service including consultation, the placement of the wefts, custom colouring, sectioning, beadwork, stitching, cutting and styling. Our method is a completely customisable service to suit every individual.

Let us revolutionise your look with award-winning, luxury extensions!

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