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How much will my first extension installation cost?

The cost is best determined through our enquiry form, in addition to an in-salon consultation. Please note length and desired thickness will all play a factor in the final quotation. In-salon consultations are $50.00 and are redeemable on your extension services, should go ahead. This consultation fee is non-refundable and is required upfront to secure your booking in our schedule.

What is the difference between hand-tied wefts and machine-made wefts?

Wefts that are hand-tied are incomparable to their machine-made counterparts.

The biggest difference between the two is the thickness at the top portion of the weft. Hand-tied wefts are micro-fine, allowing them to be sewn closer and flatter to the scalp. As this portion of the weft is finer and lighter in weight, it also creates less tension on the natural hair.

How long does my natural hair need to be for an extension installation?

To ensure a natural looking blend, we generally advise that your natural hair is at a minimum of shoulder/collar bone length. We recommend filling out our enquiry form, as you will be able to upload photos and provide more information so we can better determine what is best suited for you.

Can I swim with my hair extensions?

When swimming, we recommend keeping your hair tied up and out of the water. If you do choose to swim with your extensions, please be aware that this is at your own risk. If your natural hair becomes dry or damaged it can eventually repair itself, however this is not the case with extensions and extra care is needed. Below are some preventative measures you can take to minimise damage.

If you decide to swim with your extensions:

Rinse your hair with clean water from a shower before swimming – this will saturate the strands of hair, so they soak up fewer minerals. Coat your hair with a leave-in conditioner/treatment, braid your hair or place it in a secure bun to minimise tangling while swimming. If your hair does become tangled, apply a treatment and use a Wet Brush to very gently brush out all knots.

We do not recommend swimming in chlorine as this will damage and discolour your extensions.

If the professional advice given by your stylist is not followed, you may need to purchase new extensions as this will shorten their lifespan.

Yovanka Loria Extensions is not responsible for any negative reactions your hair/extensions may have.

How often do I need to revisit the salon to maintain the health of my extensions?

We recommend you revisit the salon to have your hair extensions re-lifted every 6 to 8 weeks. Leaving your re-lifts any longer than this may compromise the integrity of the hair.

How long do YL Extensions last before they need replacing?

Your hair extensions can last anywhere from 4-12 months – this can vary depending on how closely you follow the aftercare guidelines, your personal lifestyle and your maintenance routine.

If you are consistently styling your hair and using low-grade products, the lifespan of your extensions can be shortened to anywhere between 4-6 months. If you take gentle care of your extensions, limit your use of hot tools, always use professional products and thoroughly dry your hair, they can last up to 9-12 months.

What lengths of extensions do you offer?

  • 14″
  • 18″
  • 22″

Can I wear my hair up?

Yes! You can wear your hair up in a ponytail and many other up-styles.

Be sure to follow our Instagram page to watch our ‘how to videos’ for hand-tied extensions. The styling possibilities are endless!

Why are hand-tied wefts more expensive than tapes?

We love converting clients over from tapes and other methods to hand-tied wefts! Yovanka Loria Hand-tied Extensions will give you the most natural, lightweight and comfortable hair you have ever had without the damage of traditional extension methods. There are no tape tabs showing nor any mess or damage from glue. The placement of the wefts helps to create the desired fullness, focusing on the colour blend which is completely customised to each individual, making installations virtually undetectable.

While it is true that the initial financial outlay will be higher with hand-tied wefts, in the long-term tape up-keep and hair breakage makes tape extensions an equally, if not more costly process.

The longevity of the hand-tied wefts far outlast other kinds of hair extensions and you will not have to purchase a full set as often.

The painless and mess-free removal of hand-tied wefts is also one of our favourite attributes. As there is no tape or glue to remove, there is no damage to your natural hair.

Do I need to have my extensions removed for an MRI scan?

Yes, you will need to have your extensions removed in-salon as the beads are made of metals which will interfere with the MRI scan.

Why are Yovanka Loria Extensions different to other extensions on the market?

The key to the superior quality of Yovanka Loria Extensions is in our gentle processing method and the use of healthy, young, raw hair. Our factory is diligent in the collection of hair; each bundle of hair is from the same donor, which ensures each hair cuticle is uniformly aligned.

This keeps the cuticle intact and prevents matting and tangling, setting Yovanka Loria Extensions apart from extensions claiming to be made of European, Russian or even Remy hair. One of the key attributes is that the texture of our extension’s blends with most natural hair types. Healthy hair that has less silicone and is synthetic free, providing longevity for the extensions, naturally fluffy and fast drying.

Leave no question unanswered, get in touch with our stylists for more information!

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