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What installation method do you offer?

We specialise in the YL hidden bead method, a method that sews the weft along a comfortable, evenly distributed beaded track, leaving no beads exposed and making your extensions virtually undetectable. Our extension installation method uses no heat and no glue, leaving no residue in your hair. Alternatively, we also provide our YL traditional extension installation method for clients who have naturally fine hair strands. During the consultation appointment, we examine the quality and density of your natural hair alongside your lifestyle requirements and work with you to determine the most suitable options suited to your specific needs.

How much will the initial investment be for my YL Hair Extensions

The price of YL hair extensions can vary significantly on two factors; firstly, your current hair density and secondly, your desired outcome.

If you are looking to add volume to your hair with no extra length, the average cost is traditionally between $826 and $1,400+.

If you are looking to add both volume and a little bit of length, the average is $1,675 to $2,512+.

If you are wanting a big change and you’re looking to achieve maximum length as well as adding more volume, the average cost sits around $2,926 – $3,710+.

Please note that every client is completely unique. Listed above are average, estimated prices, however, these can heavily depend on both the state of your current hair and your desired hair goals.

What lengths of extensions do you offer?

  • 14″
  • 18″
  • 22″

We can also offer custom lengths between 24″ to 30″ upon request. 

How long does my natural hair need to be for an extension installation?

To ensure a natural looking blend, we generally advise that your natural hair is at a minimum of shoulder/collar bone length. We recommend filling out our enquiry form, as you will be able to upload photos and provide more information so we can better determine what is best suited for you.

Will YL hair extensions damage my natural hair or my scalp?

By far our most commonly asked question and the biggest hair extension misconception in the industry! Providing that you thoroughly commit to the YL aftercare plan & guidelines that your stylist provides to you, you will not experience any damage. In fact, YL hair extensions encourage natural hair growth by minimising the contact between your natural hair and heat or bleach.

What does my initial investment include?

The YL installation fee includes:

  • A new set of YL Extensions
  • The installation of the hair extensions
  • The hair cutting & extension blending process
  • The YL Extensions Aftercare Pack: our stylists will send you home with a customised aftercare pack including hand-selected products that we recommend for your specific hair type (traditionally including a YL exclusive detangler hairbrush, a shampoo and a drop conditioner/ conditioning hair mask).

Please note that the initial fee does not include any required custom colouring to the extensions or your natural hair. The rate of this service will be determined and communicated to you during your consultation appointment.

How often will I need to revisit the salon for maintenance (re-lift appointments)?

How often you will require maintenance appointments will depend on your natural hair density and the specific installation method we use on you (traditional or hidden bead). To maintain the integrity of the hair extensions, we recommend leaving 8 weeks maximum between each re-lift.

How long do YL Extensions last before they need replacing?

Your hair extensions can last up to 12 months – this can vary depending on how closely you follow the aftercare guidelines, your personal lifestyle and maintenance routine.

You must follow the specified heat styling guidelines including using the correct heat settings on styling tools and only use heat protectant products recommended by your YL certified stylist.

You should not use certain products or tools on your hair extensions such as styling tools without temperature control and specified shampoos and treatments. Products that are paraben-free, sulphate-free and not highly concentrated with protein are safe to use. Investing in salon quality products recommended by your YL certified stylist will prolong the life of your hair extensions.

You must follow the ‘Aftercare Plan’ provided to you and seek continuous maintenance from a YL certified stylist. Following the specified aftercare and maintenance guidelines is essential in ensuring optimal results.

If the professional advice given to you by your YL certified stylist is not followed, you may compromise the integrity of the hair extensions and shorten its lifespan.

Will my hair extensions appear obvious & can I wear my hair up?

We can confirm that your extensions will not be obvious. We specialise in the hidden bead method alongside expert quality custom colouring services. Incorporating these specific skills ensures that identifying your extensions from that of your natural hair will be virtually impossible. In order to keep your extensions as seamless as possible, clients are required to keep up with all required colour maintenance and home aftercare as per the YL guidelines and regular re-lift appointments.

& Yes! You can absolutely wear your hair up in a ponytail and many other up-styles.

Be sure to follow our Instagram page to watch our ‘how to videos’ for hand-tied extensions. The styling possibilities are endless!

Why are Hand-tied & Micro-tied wefts more expensive than tapes?

We love converting clients over from tapes and other methods to hand-tied & micro-tied wefts! Yovanka Loria Hand-tied & Micro-tied Extensions will give you the most natural, lightweight and comfortable hair you have ever had without the damage of traditional extension methods. There are no tape tabs showing nor any mess or damage from glue. The placement of the wefts helps to create the desired fullness, focusing on the colour blend which is completely customised to each individual, making installations virtually undetectable.

While it is true that the initial financial outlay will be higher with hand-tied & Micro-tied wefts, in the long-term tape up-keep and hair breakage makes tape extensions an equally, if not more costly process.

The longevity of our wefts far outlast other kinds of hair extensions and you will not have to purchase a full set as often.

The painless and mess-free removal of our wefts is also one of our favourite attributes. As there is no tape or glue to remove, there is no damage to your natural hair.

Can I swim with my hair extensions?

When swimming, we recommend keeping your hair tied up and out of the water. If you do choose to swim with your extensions, please be aware that this is at your own risk. If your natural hair becomes dry or damaged it can eventually repair itself, however this is not the case with extensions and extra care is needed. Below are some preventative measures you can take to minimise damage.

If you decide to swim with your extensions:

Rinse your hair with clean water from a shower before swimming – this will saturate the strands of hair, so they soak up fewer minerals. Coat your hair with a leave-in conditioner/treatment, braid your hair or place it in a secure bun to minimise tangling while swimming. If your hair does become tangled, apply a treatment and use a Wet Brush to very gently brush out all knots.

We do not recommend swimming in chlorine as this will damage and discolour your extensions.

If the professional advice given by your stylist is not followed, you may need to purchase new extensions as this will shorten their lifespan.

Yovanka Loria Extensions is not responsible for any negative reactions your hair/extensions may have.

Do I need to have my extensions removed for an MRI scan?

Yes, you will need to have your extensions removed in-salon as the beads are made of metals which will interfere with the MRI scan.

Do I need to pay a booking fee when booking my appointment?

Yes, a booking fee is required to secure all new extension installation appointments, as well as any appointments made through our online booking system via our website.

The booking fee is required to secure your extension installation appointment can be paid after your in-salon consultation appointment and will be non-refundable.

The YL Difference

Yovanka Loria Hair is sustainably and ethically sourced from rural communities across Western China. YL Hair is traded for fair compensation and gathered by expert hair collectors with many years of experience in the industry.

It’s important to note that most mainstream hair extension brands use European, Russian or even Remy hair which is significantly coarser in texture. In comparison, Western Chinese hair is much finer in texture, creating a lightweight, fast drying and comfortable final product.

Additionally, finer hair lightens with much more ease and authenticity, resulting in a cool tone, brass-free finish and a final colour that ages better and lasts longer. Our advanced processing method takes 1-2 weeks and is executed in gentle stages.

Our method uses no harsh chemicals and no silicone. The removal of harsh chemicals during the processing method ensures the hair retains its strength, lustre and natural beauty for much longer. This particular process ensures the hair cuticle maintains completely unharmed and in-tact, avoiding the traditional matting, tangling and snapping that occurs with hair that’s been exposed to and stripped by harsh chemical processing.

Using a curated and maintained, high quality product allows our stylists to achieve perfectly blended tones, creating a seamless colour customisation for every client.

Majority of extensions have an extensive, labour intensive and long drying period – a result that becomes a deal breaker for many women. Due to the high-quality finish, ethical processing methods and ethical culture of our raw hair, the drying time is split in HALF, one of the many elements that makes YL hair so unique and effortless to maintain.

Now we get to offer our clients the most carefree, easy to maintain, time efficient hair extensions available in the market. We value authenticity and take pride in maintaining life changing extensions that appear natural and seamless.

Leave no question unanswered, get in touch with our stylists for more information!

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