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Company Profile

Founded by a creative innovator within the hair industry built on a foundation of leading expertise, Yovanka Loria Extensions marks a fashion-forward hair extension company offering wholesale opportunities throughout Australia and across the globe.

Expanded to form an exclusive community of elite salons and hair stylists, by helping them build businesses that are going to fuel their dream life.

Those who join our community are supported throughout their journey towards success with education like no other. Armed with the guidance to help grow their dream business and clientele, we offer assistance for elevation throughout this ever-changing and rewarding career path.

We are trusted by some of the most exclusive salons around Australia and USA.

Our stockist list is tight and exclusive, and we are so excited to hand you the keys to success as an exclusive YL hair extension artist!

Our Mission

Our mission at Yovanka Loria Extensions is to empower business owners and educate stylists to create opportunities for cultivating a thriving business.

We teach the importance of value creation and support stylists by helping them recognize the impact of specializing in a niche service. A service that is life changing for you as a stylist, your business and your clients.

Our Culture

Our commitment to becoming Australia’s leading hair extension company means investing in ongoing opportunities for employee development and engagement, our salon partnerships along with future product development and company growth in a diverse and inclusive environment.

We pride ourselves on providing the right tools and development opportunities to YL salon partners, so they have what they need to reach their full potential.

Our key selection criteria means being fiercely committed to work that matters to our salon partners, their customers and community alike.

Instead of remaining comfortable in the status quo, we are always imagining the possibilities, taking bold risks and working hard to turn our vision into a collective reality.

We are constantly reaching across conventional boundaries to build positive relationships and mutually beneficial partnerships with our suppliers, salons, our customers and our community.

We believe a strong culture, a strong work ethic and respect for our core values allow for better performance and success in finding our higher purpose. As we continue to grow, we strive to ensure that our culture remains consistent and our interactions align with our values.

USA Collaboration

In 2020 Yovanka Loria initiated a partnership with Valerie Plunk, owner of Salt Strands in Los Angeles, California. Having Salt Strands’ and USA stylist’s get behind Yovanka Loria Extensions is expanding our brand across the globe. This collaboration will not only benefit our growth, but create endless opportunities, not just for individual stylists and salons, but for our entire community.

Teaming the flawless quality of our hair with salt strand’s creative eye for detail, our new colour range, inspired by the beaches of California, was born. For all international PR enquiries, please email marketing@yovankaloria.com.au.

Our Stockist Testimonials

Meet Hayley

Meet Seb

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Yovanka Loria, we believe now more than ever that leveraging the power of beauty and hair can and should be a global force for good, externally and internally.

Conducting business responsibly and ethically has been a defining part of our culture from the beginning. We remain committed to doing our part when it comes to ethical sourcing and environmental sustainability. Along with directing a socially responsible company, one that emphasises our responsibility to all our partners and suppliers, we know we have to create a positive change and set new benchmarks for our industry and communities.

Some of the ways we do this include:

  • Ethical and sustainable hair sourcing practises
  • Using sustainable packaging and recycling where possible
  • Sourcing and stocking products that are ammonia free, vegan, non-toxic and not tested on animals
  • Most importantly, we are constantly evaluating our efforts, our growth and looking to share a roadmap to success, to improve and create more value for all our stakeholders, including our employees, partners, communities and consumers
  • The implementation of our diligent quality control process using our two-phase check point system
  • Sourcing and stocking locally owned product companies to lower our carbon footprint
  • Investing in our people and our community, meeting the needs of our customers and creating long-term economic value for our stakeholders
We are committed to continuous improvement and progress as we believe we can be leaders in transforming our industry to increase a positive impact for our people and communities.

Ethically sourcing


Support business growth + build a community


Ensuring a healthy workplace + create job motivation


Meeting the needs of our customers


Create opportunity + build social connections

  • One of the nation’s fastest growing hair extension brands, available only to qualified hairdressers who undertake our training and become certified in our method. We offer the opportunity to become an exclusive stockist and be an exclusive provider, able to offer our one of a kind luxury service to your clientele.

Treat your clients and stock the luxury hair extensions taking the world by storm!

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