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The Hair

In 2018, Yovanka Loria created her own signature luxury line of hand tied wefts.

To produce the highest quality product, we sustainably and ethically source 100% natural human hair. Exclusive for professionals, created by a hairstylist and expertly sourced by hair collectors who hand-pick young, fine, raw hair. This delivers the highest quality hair along with no use of harsh chemicals, leaving the hair naturally silky, soft and fine in texture. Healthy hair that has less silicone and is synthetic free, providing longevity for the extensions.

Our colours are brass free, with a range of neutral and cool tones. Our pre-rooted and ombre colours allow for consistent colour customisation, assisting us to achieve perfectly blended tones.

Learning the science behind hair extensions and applying the research to our business was a revelation. This continues to be a major part of our philosophy in hair and in business. You will never have to deal with low quality hair again!

The Method

The hand tied method is all about creating the perfect blend.

The benefit of using hand tied extensions is that every weft is individually hand stitched. Hand tied wefts are sewn together by hand, making the portion of the hair much thinner than machine wefts.

The hand tied wefts are created with high precision, ensuring each weft is strong, with less shedding and matting. They are micro thin, less bulky and less visible compared to other extensions on the market.

The process involves anchoring silicone cylinder beads in your hair, creating a beaded track close to your scalp then sewing the hand tied wefts onto this track. The end result is that the hand tied wefts sit closer to the head, creating less tension on the hair and reducing any bulk along the track while giving a more, free flowing, natural appearance.

Hand tied extensions will give you the most natural, lightweight and comfortable hair you have ever had without the damage of traditional extension methods. There are no tape tabs showing nor any mess or damage from glue. The placement of the wefts helps to create the desired fullness, focusing on the colour blend which is completely customised to each individual. These characteristics make hand tied wefts an excellent choice for a more permanent, sewn-in hair solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are hand tied extensions?

When we say “Hand Tied Extensions” we are referring to our signature handmade wefts created by Yovanka Loria.

The extensions are placed on a track with minimal points of contact, which results in less bulk along the track. Most extensions don’t look natural so Yovanka wanted to make them feel and look as natural as possible while minimising the damage to your natural hair.

The only extensions that feel like it’s your own hair.

How much will it cost and how many grams can I have?

The cost is best determined through our enquiry form, in addition to an in-salon consultation. Please note the weight, length and desired thickness will all play a factor in the final quotation.

Consultations are at no charge and take around 15min. Colour is not included in this price. 

We work with length and weight (grams) needed in your hair starting with:

  • 14” – 60gms
  • 18” – 120gms – Full Pack and Half Pack
  • 22” – 120gms – Full pack and Half Pack

The weight of hair will also determine if we add one row, two rows or more.

We offer full packs and half packs. We completely customise the weight to suit each individual. The best part about our customised system is that at your maintenance and re-lift appointments we can replace and add additional weft pieces in your hair, adding extra thickness and colour. This is an innovative feature of our hand tied wefts.

Typically, 18” length clients will wear a full pack, with 8 wefts per pack at 120gms or 18” half pack, with 4 wefts per pack at 60gms.

In other cases, clients who have thicker hair may need to wear 8-12 wefts. Remember the longer in length you go, the more hair you need to add for it to look blended and natural.

22” length would need anywhere between 8-16 wefts depending on the desired fullness needed, creating complete customisation for each individual.

What is the difference between machine wefts and hand tied wefts?

Hand tied wefts are stunning in comparison to their machine made counterparts. 

Machine wefts are typically manufactured as one long weft, which needs to be cut into multiple pieces. The biggest difference between the two is the thickness at the top portion of the weft. Machine wefts are noticeably lumpy on the scalp when running your hands over your head and causes heavier tension on the scalp.

Hand tied wefts are beautiful artistic pieces with a custom fitted to your head. The weft is laid flatter to your head and are not so bulky. They are more flexible and natural when washed. 

Please note: Traditionally hand tied wefts can not be cut as they will unravel.

How often do they need to be maintained?

Your hair extensions need to be re-tightened and maintained every 6-8 weeks.

How long does my hair have to be?

We generally advise the minimum is shoulder length hair.

Our hand tied technique is completely customised. We suggest filling out our enquiry form, as you will be able to upload photos and give us more information so we can better determine what is best suited for you.

Why is it more expensive than tapes?

We love converting clients over from tapes and other methods to hand tied wefts. Clients realise once they are able to see and feel the difference, there is no comparison. They are undetectable, blend seamlessly without any seperation.

While it is true that initially the financial outlay will be higher with Hand Tied Wefts, in the long-term tape up-keep and hair breakage makes tape extensions an equally costly process.

Clients notice the longevity of the hand tied wefts far outlast other hair and they end up paying the same if not less as they are not having to purchase a full set as often. Not to mention the no sticky mess and minimizes breakage when removing your hand tied wefts. Removal takes only 15 minutes and is pain free.

Can I wear my hair up?

Yes! You can wear your hair up in a pony and many different styles.

Be sure to follow our Instagram page to watch our ‘how to videos’ for our hand tied extensions. The styling possibilities are endless.

How do I care for my hand tied extensions?

Always hold your hair firmly at the base of your roots while brushing the ends. Brush firmly so that the nylon part of the brush goes through to the scalp and over the top of the extensions. The nylon part of the brush prevents matting whilst the bristle runs through the hair. 

A wet brush is great for keeping in the shower, combing through the hair while your conditioner is in, followed by a brush through when you get out of the shower.

Try to shampoo at least two times per week. Before washing your extensions, brush through thoroughly to remove any teasing or tangles.

Use paraben and sulphate free professional products.

Gently wash the scalp using your fingertips. Apply a conditioner every wash and a mask or treatment every week.

We recommend Faboulouso custom-toning conditioner to ensure your colour and extensions retain moisture and help minimize colour fade.

Be cautious as some purple shampoos can dry the extensions and may cause breakage on blondes.

We recommend applying a leave–in condioner with heat protectant after washing.

Our favourite range is the Brazilian Bond Builder shampoo, conditioner and treatment, and the Ionic spray which will work together to help keep your hair feeling stronger and healthier.

Avoid products that are oil based.

Drying and styling:
Squeeze out the excess water and blot dry, never rub your hair because it causes too much friction.

Comb using a wet brush and let your hair air-dry a little naturally.

Section your hair and dry each section thoroughly especially at the roots.

Going to bed with wet hair can cause matting.

If you are flat ironing or curling with a wand, set your heat setting on no more than 180 degrees celcius.

Hair can be styled using a boar bristle brush.

At night, put hair into a low ponytail or braid to ensure hair doesn’t tangle when sleeping on. Sleeping on a silk pillow will also help reduce friction. We recommend the Silk + Honey Co. silk range to help extend the life of your hair extensions.

Deep conditioning treatments:
Intensive moisture treatments or masks used regularly will help prolong the condition of the extensions, as they can become dry due to natural oils from the scalp not travelling down mid-lengths to ends.

If you choose to swim with your extensions, add a generous amount of conditioner or treatment in your hair and braid your hair before going into the ocean.

You can use a light clarifying shampoo and a treatment on the ends after you finish.

Please note: minerals found in some water and chlorine may react negatively. Limit contact with salt water and chlorine (ocean and pool).

Yovanka Loria is not responsible for any negative reactions.

Colouring can be done with professional care only. Never use any bleach or lightener on the extensions.

For best results speak to your certified stylist.


How long do extensions last before they need replacing?

It is difficult to give a universal answer to this question.

It truly depends on how you care for your extensions and your personal lifestyle and maintenance routine.

The easy answer is anywhere from 4-12 months. If you are consistently styling your hair and using low-grade products, the max life of your extensions could be anywhere between 4-6 months.

If you take gentle care of your extension hair, limit your use of hot tools, and always use professional grade products, always use a wet brush and thoroughly dry you hair they can last up to 9-12 months.

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Disclaimer: Yovanka Loria is the hair supplier. Yovanka and her team are educators and are not responsible for the installations of other stylists. 

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