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Where It All Began

Yovanka Loria Salon provides a private and exclusive boutique experience for salon guests.

Yovanka has over 20 years experience working in salons and educating throughout Adelaide, Melbourne, Los Angeles and New York. After having her 2 children, she decided it was time to bring a touch of glamour and high-quality service to her favourite place, Adelaide…   

Her work is built on uncompromising quality, open communication and exceptional experience from beginning to end. According to Yovanka, the key to a positive salon experience is first building trust with each client before evolving her desired look or makeover. She also believes in taking time to establish a clear objective before beginning any service.

Yovanka Loria Salon has established a team of passionate artists who not only love what they do; they care deeply for their clients.


About Hair Extensions

Throughout her career, Yovanka has trialed many hair extension methods and struggled to find an application she was truly satisfied with. Around five years ago her search began. Not compromising for mediocre, she wanted to find the absolute best. When she finally discovered the weft extension method, it was love at first sight. Having seen the best and the worst of hair extensions, she knows how difficult it can be to find a dependable extension supplier and a technique that offers less damage to the hair. A businesswoman at the core, she knew there was room for improvement and this was the driving force behind ‘Yovanka Loria Hand Tied Extensions’, boasting the ultimate premium quality hair.

With so many hair extensions now on the market, most of which are machine manufactured and synthetic based, it’s important to understand your extensions and the investment you’re making in your hair. Responsible sourcing of hair has always been important to Yovanka and significant time has gone into re-searching and sourcing quality hair.

Yovanka Loria has a team of people who collect strong and healthy hair in rural communities across Western China, traded for fair compensation. Our sourcing experts carefully examine each bundle, select the best raw hair and move forward with this to our advanced processing method.

Yovanka Loria Hand Tied Wefts are hand sewn and are micro fine, using the very latest and seamless means of hair wefting. We have combined high quality, with the latest technique to create a truly unique product within the hair extension industry. Our hand tied wefts are fully cuticle intact, virtually double drawn, long lasting and easy to conceal.

The key factor to having hair that lasts longer is achieved by processing the hair in gentle stages. We use advanced conventional processing methods where the process phases are controlled and do not use strong chemicals or silicone. The bleaching process is done very slowly and can take around 1-2 weeks. The process takes longer to create each colour, this way ensuring the hair retains is strength, luster and natural beauty for much longer than hair that’s been stripped by harsher chemical processing. The result is silky, soft and natural hair extensions with less tangling and shedding.

Ultimately, Yovanka’s passion is hair, and her goal is to help her clients achieve their dream hair. As women, we are emotionally connected to our hair and she hopes her extensions will help each client feel more confident and beautiful.


What People Are Saying

“Whenever I am down in Adelaide and need my extensions done, Yovanka Loria is my go to and is amazing.”

Emilee Hembrow

“It was definitely worth the investment and 1000% happier I did it! The quality is amazing, the seamless blend is like no other and so WORTH it. My hair broke of with every other method I tried and my faith is restored in hair extensions. “

Ruby Evers

“Yovanka’s Hand Tied Wefts are SOOO comfortable, natural and don’t
make my head sore, I can wear my hair up and go about my normal life without stressing about covering up my extensions. SOO happy I converted over from tapes. “

Emily Veliz

“Yovanka’s hand tied wefts have made a world of difference to my hair, after a bad experience and my hair breaking off I was devastated, Yovanka’s quality and the service and experience blew me away. The fastest drying extensions and so little maintenance compared to tapes.
I can say it has brought so much confidence back into my life and I wouldn’t trust anyone else.”

Tori Bowden

“As a hairdresser I have had every extension method you can think of, I
have completely fallen in love with Yovanka’s hair. 100% seamless I forget I have them in. Hands down the BEST method and quality I have ever had. “

Linda Giustozzoi

“I cant believe how amazing and ultra discreet the hand tied wefts are. I have never been more obsessed with my hair, the complete makeover from extension to colour blending is by far the best I have EVER had, they are so easy to dry and style.”

Isabella Compestre

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