Do Hair Extensions Cause Hair Loss?

Do Hair Extensions Cause Hair Loss?


What is Alopecia?

“Alopecia” is a general term for “hair loss”.


What specifically is traction alopecia?

Traction Alopecia is hair loss caused by placing repeated stress on a particular hair area or follicle. This in time will weaken the hair follicle (or follicular funnel) causing the hair to break, shed, or stop growing completely. Some of the most common causes include tight ponytails, braids, and certain hair extension methods.

In some cases, Traction Alopecia can correct itself once the stress on the hair follicle is removed. In other cases, the hair loss may be permanent and non-reversible. Traction Alopecia occurs most often around the hairline or where hair is already thin or sparse. So the short answer to the question “do hair extensions cause hair loss?” – The short answer is yes, however, not YL hair extensions.

Women looking to enhance their hair with hair extensions should inform themselves of the different attachment methods and which ones might lead to Traction Alopecia.


What methods of hair extensions will not cause damage?

When researching hair extensions, it’s important to find a method that will not damage your natural hair. For most women, the goal is thicker, fuller, more healthy hair – not hair loss!

Yovanka Loria hand-tied hair extensions will cause the least amount of damage because there is no heat, glue or tape involved. However, anything you do to your hair that isn’t natural can always be a risk. This is why hand-tied weft extensions are the best choice for many. They’re unlike machine wefts which can be thicker and heavier. These can often pull down on the hair in a way that hand-tied wefts will not. Also, individual beads or tapes can cause unnecessary tension and result in hair loss because of the amount of pressure they can put on the natural root. Hand-tied hair is distributed evenly across the head, therefore minimising the risk.

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