FEATURED: Stylist Talk Yovanka Loria : Yovanka Loria Extensions

Yovanka started her own hand tied extension business only 2 years ago. Prior to this she’s had a long career as a stylist.

It was after having taken time off to raise her family and re entering the salon floor she noticed there was something missing from the service. Women were wanting long luxurious hair. A lot of the time this wasn’t an option without the assistance of extensions. This is when she began her mission to something that would give women what they wanted all while maintaining the integrity and health of the hair.

Yovanka wants to show women that if you have an idea and a dream that you should go for it. Even when the people around you may not understand. She wants to set a positive example for our industry of how we can work together and lift each other up. She wants to teach stylists to value themselves, their work and their time and to charge what you’re worth so you can do your best work.

She leads this conversation from the start, telling her story of how she got here. I think I would describe Yovanka as fierce, passionate and wise. She had some encouraging words for us mums to know that our work is valuable too and not to doubt ourselves when we take time to build our empires.

Thanks so much for sharing.

We wanted you to know about Yovanka.
Thank you for listening, this is Love Blush Girl.

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