4 Step Formula To Attracting Your Ideal Client

4 Step Formula to Attracting Your Ideal Client


Are you achieving the benefits from your dedication and hard work?

For me, being a hairstylist is about more than just cutting or colouring hair! It has given me the opportunity to mentor and share with other stylists who are wanting to take back control of their business, their schedule, AND their lifestyle.

It has become my passion to elevate our industry by providing stylists with the right tools, empowering them to shift their focus and perspective!

How many of you have felt like you are on auto-pilot or unenthusiastic about going to work? It happens to many of us. I want to help ignite the spark that pushes you to rediscover the things you enjoy and feel most passionate about within your business.

Once you readjust your focus, you will start to make a massive shift towards building a business you love. Remember, clients who don’t see your worth, will leave once you realise yours. This is a GOOD thing. We don’t want people in our chair who don’t respect or value us!

How do we make this massive shift? How do we create a business that reflects our new perspective?

As hairstylist’s, it’s time for us to be the change we want to see in our industry!

What is stopping you from attracting your dream clients and charging what you are worth? 

Most hairstylists can get caught up in being competitively priced and may never experience the opportunity to charge their worth. This doesn’t have to be you!

Are you familiar with the phrase “quality over quantity?” This doesn’t only apply to good friends; it also applies to the clients you want to draw in. While it seems like a dream to have a large flow of clients, a better goal would be to have the right ones.

Using social media as a marketing tool, is one of the best ways to attract your dream clientele and if you strategise effectively, the right clientele will find you. Frequently providing content of a service you specialise in, solidifies your place as a pro. Clients want to turn to experts for help, and YOU can be that expert.

Before I share my 4-step formula to attracting your dream clientele, ask yourself these things:

1. Am I tired of working long days, servicing anyone and everyone, without seeing the rewards emotionally or financially?

2. Am I constantly having an awkward conversation about pricing with clients?

3. Am I currently charging the industry average knowing I am worth more?

4. Am I an emotional discounter?

5. Are my prices based on what others in the industry charge?

6. Do I look at other hairstylists who are leveling up, but can’t figure out how to myself?

7. Do I feel clients don’t respect me and my prices?

8. Am I reaching burn out?

Once I clearly defined my ideal client, everything around me changed!

Knowing what your client values, being intentional with your marketing and business strategy, and implementing a niche service in your business, will give you a competitive advantage that translates into a sustainable business.

Created for enthusiastic hairstylists who are ready to learn the fundamentals of building a sustainable and lucrative business. Set aside some time to learn how implementing these 4-steps will lead you to attracting your dream clientele and building a business you love.

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