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Other Types of Hair Extensions VS Hand-tied Extensions

Which method is safer?

Yovanka Loria hand-tied hair extensions are considered the safest types of hair extensions on the market. These are a few considerations to make when choosing which type of hair extensions are right for you and your hair.

1) Breakage.

If you experience hair breakage, it is essential to visit a salon to determine what types of hair extensions would be right for you. Hand-tied weft extensions are thin and sewn by hand, allowing for a lightweight option assisting your natural hair to recover.

2) Sensitive scalp.

There is no heat, no glue or tape involved when installing hand-tied wefts. Although some tape-in hair extensions are hypo-allergenic, those with sensitive scalps can still experience sensitivity from the adhesive. Hand-tied methods don’t involve glue and therefore may be the more suitable type of hair extensions for those with a sensitive scalp.

The best way to determine which type is right for you is by visiting a Yovanka Loria Certified Stylist. Visit our stylist locator map for a stockist near you.

Which types of hair extensions allow for more hairstyles? 

Hand-tied weft extensions allow for easier concealment when wearing your hair in high ponytails and top knots. Most clients will be unable to do these hair styles with tape-in extensions unless their hair is already long (below the shoulders).

Hand-tied extensions are the clear winner in this category.

Which type will give me a fuller look?

Hand-tied hair extensions can allow for a fuller and more natural look. The reason?  You can stack  a lot of wefts on top of one another due to their thinness. You are not limited to the amount of hair you can have like you are with tape-in extensions. Tape-ins don’t allow you to stack on one another like wefts do, leaving you limited to how many you can install.

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