A Complete Guide to YL Hand-Tied Hair Extensions


YL Hand-tied hair extensions are similar to beaded weft techniques, however hand-tied hair extensions cover more surface area on the head. This technique uses your natural hair to build rows across the head that the wefts are then sewn onto.

Hand-tied hair extensions are much thinner and lighter than typical wefts. This allows the hair to lay flatter against your head, giving a natural look. The wefts are a curtain-like weft and cover more area, so less has to be sewn in, easing your natural hair from added weight pulling on your scalp. If you’ve had extensions before, you know how uncomfortable and taxing some methods can leave your hair feeling.


The biggest thing that sets YL hand-tied hair apart is the QUALITY! Our hair texture is finer and dries faster compared to other hair on the market. The second biggest drawcard is there is no heat or glue involved. Hair is incredibly prone to damage when individual pieces cause extra tension on the natural hair. The way YL hand-tied extensions are designed, your hair is able to grow with the wefts leaving minimal damage. When you get your extensions re-lifted, you are able to see your natural hair that’s grown out with the extensions.

Lastly, our custom colour matching is like no other. We mix different coloured wefts so we can customise the end result, followed by custom colouring and toning your extension hair and natural hair resulting in a beautiful, natural blend. No one will ever know you are wearing hair extensions!


First, you submit an enquiry form so we can decide if you are a perfect candidate and what you are looking to achieve. From there, we provide you with an estimated quote and  set up an in salon consultation if you would like to go ahead. On your arrival at the salon, we take you through the entire process and choose colours for your desired result. After this, we book in your installation appointment.


Adding extensions is always dependent on your natural hair. With hand-tied wefts, there is more planning involved to make sure each weft is being placed in the best position, so it takes some time to find your perfect placement. The overall installation process for hand-tied extensions can be 2 to 5 hours, depending on what you need done with your colour.

When it comes to what’s being put onto your hair, typically 3-5 wefts are sewn into each row depending on what is required for the desired result.

After the installation, you can expect to enjoy those same extensions for about 6-12 months. However, you’ll want to head back to the salon every 8 weeks to get the extensions re-lifted, depending on how fast your hair grows.


With the way hand-tied hair extensions are installed, there’s no limit to what you can do with styling. YL hair extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair whether styled up or down. Hear from our client Dani on her experience with at home styling.


YL hair extensions are an investment. The cost really is dependent on each individual and desired outcome of each installation. The cost is determined by several factors – the main two being desired length and volume.  Head to our salon price guide for more information.

Hand-tied hair extensions

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