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Hair Extensions Summer Survival Guide

With the fun of summer also comes the essential care for your hair extensions and making sure that they live through all of the fun too. Perfect hair will make the perfect summer, right?  

Every season is unique and brings new challenges to your hair extension care routine. So, while you may be eager to hit the local pool, get a suntan, or ignore a daily brush, there are a few things to keep in mind before you do!  

Swim Mindfully  

This is the most important tip of all, depending on how much you enjoy swimming.  

We won’t stop you from swimming altogether, although you should know that wet hair extensions can be a recipe for disaster as the water can degrade their quality, so do it at your own risk!  

If you plan on swimming, we suggest thoroughly brushing it and tying up your hair to keep it from getting wet.  

Please note that we do not recommend swimming in chlorinated pools, as this will damage and discolour the extensions.  

There are some other tips you can follow as preventative measures too:  

  • Deeply moisturise your hair before heading to the beach/pool. 
  • Avoid using heated hair styling tools prior, as they can strip away some of your natural hair oils. 
  • Take a hairbrush with you and brush your hair before swimming.  
  • Plait your hair before going for a swim. If you don’t plan on getting your hair wet, you can chuck it up in a loose, high bun instead. 
  • Shampoo your hair and use an intensive hair mask or hair oils once you’re home. 

Watch Out For Lotion 

Always remember to be sun–safe during summer – but also keep in mind that lotions, such as sunscreen, and fake tan can potentially damage and stain hair extensions.  

You’ll want to keep your hands clean of any lotion before touching your hair, too. Let it absorb completely before enjoying your favourite summer activities like swimming or sunbathing!  

Don’t Overheat  

Summer may feel warm and great, but those prolonged UV rays on your hair can be harsh, just like they are for your skin. Prevent your extensions from getting dry or damaged by wearing a hat outdoors and avoiding overkill heat from hair styling tools.  

Not only that, but sweat can also pose a threat to the extensions. 

The Right Tools  

Using a hair extension friendly brush will help you maintain them more effectively, especially during summer when tangled hair is a popular struggle (you aren’t alone)! The specific bristle design of extension brushes will glide more effortlessly and naturally through the hair extensions when compared to a regular one.  

Wash In Moderation  

Dryness is a typical dilemma during summer for both your skin and hair. The natural oils of your scalp are meant to keep your hair hydrated and silky smooth, but hair extensions don’t get to enjoy this luxury. With that in mind, don’t over-wash and only do it when necessary with a high-quality, sulphate-free shampoo at the roots.  

Not only will you have the summer of your life with perfect hair, but this survival guide will also help increase the lifespan of your hair extensions in general.  

Aside from our recommended tips, it is ultimately up to your hairstylist and their professional opinion on the care for your natural hair and hair extensions. Always touch base with them to confirm the best routine for keeping your hair glamorous, no matter what the season or occasion is!  

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